FlashDevelop and BlackBerry 10 Development

Just for kicks, I tried configuring FlashDevelop to compile and package an AIR Mobile app for the BlackBerry 10 device, using the AIR SDK Beta 2. Turns out that its much simpler than the PlayBook.

First off, assuming your project is completed, you will only need to install:

  1. VMWare Player
  2. BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR
  3. BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator for Windows

And that’s all you need. Note that this post will skip some details, as this is not intended for beginners.

  1. Back up your project. Easier said than done. 😉
  2. Configure FlashDevelop to use the BB10 AIR SDK:In the Project menu, select Properties. Click on the SDK tab, and then in the Installed SDK(s) frame, click on Manage. Click on the button beside Installed Flex SDKs (the one with three dots).
    This should bring up a new window.Click on Add, and in the Location tree, select the Path to the BB10 AIR SDK folder:
    Once that’s set up, configure the project to use the new SDK. Close the window, and select the BlackBerry SDK as listed. Ignore the warning, and press OK.
  3. Now, compile your project as per normal, and cross your fingers. If it all works out, an SWF file should be produced, and you can happily run around like a headless chicken for a while (not recommended, though).
    (Technical note: Previously, RIM was using amxmlc, but with the latest AIR SDK, they’re using the “standard” mxmlc, so its one less step to configure FlashDevelop)
  4. Create an XML configuration file, and depending on your AIR application, you may or may not need to include the ANE XML markup, and also include the QNX SWCs and ANEs in your project.
  5. Package your app, and deploy to the BB10 simulator. A sample output is shown here for completeness.
    If successful, you should see your app appear, and since we did not define any custom icon files, the default “?” icon should appear in place.

And voila! There you have it!

PS: Little snippet of information – I tried packaging an AIR application built for Android using the online packager for BB10, and everything worked fine…until you try to run the app on your device, and it complains that you need to install the Adobe AIR Runtime on your BB10 device. 😉


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